OPW Ventris API Tank-truck Adapter, Ventris Internal Valves, Ventris Petroleum Manhole Cover, Ventris Vapor-Recovery Vent

API Tank-Truck Adapter.png

Ventris API Tank-Truck Adaptor

Ventris API bottom-loading Adaptor is precisely engineered to match any loading coupler and to deliver superior value and performance. • High-flow API Adaptor with flat bottom for reduced product retention

• Aluminum handle comes standard on all Ventris API heads

• Stainless-steel internals for strength and durability 

Internal Valve.png

Ventris Internal Valves

The Ventris Internal Valve is an optimal choice for petroleum applications. Ventris Internal Valves are uniquely engineered with no moving parts in the flow path for a superior flow rate.

• Designed for petroleum applications

• No moving parts in flow path for superior flow rates and faster drops

• Viton GFLT and PTFE-encapsulated Seals for superior compatibility • Compatible with diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol and methanol 

Ventris Internal Valves 100-1

Petroleum Manhole Cover.png

Ventris Petroleum Manhole Cover

Ventris Petroleum Manhole Cover offers security, access and safety for real-world use

• Made from high-strength aluminum and provides protection against rust

• Weighs up to 30% less than other manhole covers on the market

• Lightweight at 14.8 lbs (6.7kg) and retrofits to existing weld rings • Rated emergency venting capacity of 264,860 scfh at 5.00 psig (7,500 scfh at 35 kPa) 388,461 scfh at 6.25 psig (11,000 scmh at 43 kPa) 

Vapor-Recovery Vent.png

 Ventris Vapor-Recovery

Vent Ventris Vapor Vents maintain a low profile to keep the vents well below the overturn rail, yet with their increased seat opening they offer improved flow with less pressure drop.

• Designed and tested to take the punishment of everyday use at temperatures from -40ºF to 160ºF (-40ºC to 71ºC)

• New cap design threads into the top of the vent, which allows for a better seal and eliminates the snap ring on top

• New added external exhaust port for quicker opening and closing of vent’s poppet