Product Overview

Condor Float Switch.png Fisher H733-250.png  OPW 68EZR-7575.png Civacon CivaStar Overfill Sensor Probe with Housing.png 
Condor PN-X Float Switch Fisher Internal Relief Valve   OPW 68EZR Reconnectable   CIVASTAR Overfill Prevention Sensor probe w/ housing
Aljac Bonding Reel Full set.png RobertShaw 5300-614.png Gilbarco Parts PA0013-179.PNG Scully Ground Ball and Ground Bolt.JPG
Bonding Cable Reel RobertShaw 5300 Series Thermostats GILBARCO PARTS PA0013-179 Scully Ground Ball & Ground Bolt

SPX Plenty.jpeg


Explosion Proof Motor.PNG

Air Driven Capstan link.JPG

SPX Plenty Pumps THE ITT GOULDS PUMPS Explosion Proof Motors Air Driven Capstan
Ex Motor Starter.PNG

Air Hoist JDN.png

Blackmer Liquefied Gas Pumps LGLD.png

PZB Air Operated Clutch Unit.PNG  


Ex Motor Starter, Ex Enclosure, Ex Terminal Boxes Ex Proof Air Hoist, Chain Hoist Blackmer Liquefied Gas Pumps PZB Air Operated Clutch Unit

Lufkin Gauging Tape.PNG

ThermoProbe TP7-C link.png

Dead Bottom Sampler Img01.png 

Korlor Kut.PNG

Lufkin Gauging tape Petroleum Gauging Thermometer Oil Sampler Water Finding Paste
IMG_5166 Oil Sample Bottle.JPG Glass Sample bottle 500ml.png Presurre Gauging.jpg

Bitmetallic Temperature Gauge.PNG

Oil Sample Containers Glass Laboratory Bottles Pressure Gauges Temperature Gauge

Truck Tank Equipments.PNG

OPW 1004D3.PNG

The Ventris Tank-Truck Value Package from OPW.png

Tank Truck Equipments.PNG

Truck Tank Equipments OPW 1004D3 API BOTTOM LOADING COUPLER Tank-Truck Value Pakage AH Tank Components

Seal Lids for 200L drums.png

Sealing MWW-SL-081404.5-1.jpeg

Flange Insulation Kits Img1.jpeg

Gasket 1.PNG

Sealing Lids for 200L drums Sealing for LPG Filling Nozzles 密封圈  Flange Insulation Kits Non-Asbestos Gaskets
BS5308 Cables img1.png Traffic Cone link.png Hydraulic Pipe Bender link.png


Instrumentation Cables Trafic Cones 路锥 雪榚筒 Hydraulic Pipe Bender Explosion Ventilation Fan

Oil Transfer Hose.png

Marine Fender Face Pads img1.jpeg

River-Wave Diaphragm Pump.PNG

Diaphragm IST Pump.png

Industrial Hose Products Marine Fender Face Pads RV Air Operated Diaphragm  Pump Diaphragm for AODDP


Limit Switch Lever.JPG


Antiluce Fasterner.JPG
Azbil Limit Switch 1LX7000 Series Limit Switch Lever Air Pilot Valve 250A Antiluce Fasterner

LCD Module 1.PNG

Toradex Computer Modules 00331103.png


0845593-001_emr4 display head.jpg

PowerTip LCD Module

Toradex Computer Modules

Colibri iMX7D 00331103

Contrinex Inductive Sensor



Foot Valve.png

Swivel SMAC-112.png

Basket Type Strainer 1.png

Koganei IMG_7904.JPG

FOOT CHECK VALVE  Full-Circle SMAC Swivel Series Basket Type Stariner

Koganei Manual Valve 250V,

Selector Indicator KIL-R

Handwheel .PNG

Flange and Pipe view.png

Coupling & Adaptor.png
Valves Handweels Flanges, Pipes, Valves & Connectors Instantaneous Coupling and Adaptor
Crosby J-Series PRV IMG_3937.JPG REX NP50AV.png



Shamal Heavy Duty Air Compressor.jpg
CROSBY J-SERIES Driect Spring PRV REX Pipe Threading Machine DOROT/OCV Deluge Valves  SHAMAL Air Compressor