Dixon 6200 Series Drop Elbow

Dixon Bayco 6200 Series.PNG
Dixon Bayco 6200 Series Drop Elbows With Male Adapter

Dixon Bayco 6200 Series fuel delivery elbows with male cam and groove adapter are made with a rugged modular cast aluminum construction for years of trouble free operation. They are available in standard or tall heights to accommmodate deep fill boxes.

Code : DX6200A
Manufacturer:Dixon Bayco
Shipping Weight:16 lbs.
Adapter: 4"
Height : 17 3/4"
Code : DX6200C
Manufacturer:Dixon Bayco
Shipping Weight:16 lbs.
Adapter: 3"
Height : 17 3/4"

For DX6200XA & DX6200XC are in different hight 21"


Features & Benifits


  • Most parts are common through the Bayco elbow line, making any necessary maintenance a breeze.
  • Grease nipple enables the greasing of the lever stem, and Acetal bushings help keep everything moving smoothly, even in the harshest of conditions.
  • Bolt on inlets allow the inlet to be changed without having to worry about galling of threaded inlets.
  • Ball lever handle enables the operator to easily and positively engage the locking arms, onto the underground adapter.