Fisher Internal Relief Valves, Fisher H733-250, Fisher H722-250, Fisher H732-250,

Fisher H722 H733.png H722-250
  • Tank Connection: 2"MNPT
  • Flow Capacity: SCFM Air ASME: 3203
  • Relief Setting: 250 PSIG
  • Tank Connection: 3" MNPT
  • Flow Capacity: SCFM Air ASME: 9396
  • Relief Setting: 250PSIG

For Tanks with Surface Area Up To:

     Based on UL Flow capacities.

Primarily for trucks transporting LPG, Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) or other compressed gases.

Type H733 stainless steel relief valves resist rust and corrosion, including a 300 Series stainless steel spring for additional resistance to product contaminants. A thickly molded main seal improves service life and resistance to severe applications. Stainless steel makes it easy to remove the valve from the tank for periodic testing (as prescribed by DOT) and permits standard tank couplings instead of the more costly flanged tank openings. The Type H733 has an optional CL300 RF Flange connection. Standard product temperature rating is -20 to 160°F / -29 to 71°C.

Tight fitting protective caps Type P298 are standard on the valve to ensure no debris blocks the valve discharge. Standard setpoints listed with UL® for the Type H733 include 250 and 265 psig / 17.2 and 18.3 bar.  All set points between 100 and 400 psig / 6.9 and 27.6 bar are available with ASME approvals.

A 2 1/2" hex size Type P305 wrench can be inserted into the valve socket when installing/removing the valve to provide a means of attaching a standard wrench.