OPW 190 High Flow Nozzles

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OPW 1" High Flow Nozzle 190

Right angle design, dual poppets, replaceable hold-open rack.  Available in 1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2” & 2” threaded inlets 


Product Code: OPW1900112

Manufacturer: OPW
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.
Size: 1 "

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OPW 190 high-flow nozzles.PNG
OPW 1290 Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle

Automatic shut-off for Heavy-Duty High-Flow Truck, Bus, and Home Fuel Oil Delivery. Right angle design, dual poppets, and 2-position hold open device. Spout included. With aluminum body and 2-position hold open device. Built-in check valve. Venturi type shut off mechanism. Right angle design.

Product Code :OPW1290050

Manufacturer: OPW

Shipping Weight : 6 Lbs.

Description: 1-1/2"

Features & Benifits

  • Venturi-type shut-off mechanism – for automatic shutoff. 
  • Aluminum body – lighter in weight and easier to maneuver than other nozzles on the market.
  • Two-position hold-open device.
  • One-hand control of hold-open mechanism – means easy setting of flow rate.
  • Easily replaced spout – simply remove the spout retainer nut.
  • Right angle design – provides larger lever arae for better grips and easier control, permitting the nozzle to fit into awkward spaces close to walls and into corners.
  • Built-in outlet check valve – meets all known requirements of the Division of Measurement Standards.
  • Duel poppets – make nozzle easy to open against high inlet pressure. 
  • Design working pressure – OPW nozzles are designed to work at 50 PSI (3.45 bar) maximum pressure.


  • Body: aluminum 
  • Main stem: stainless steel 
  • Packing: Graphite and Teflon® 
  • Main Disc: Viton® 
  • Inlet size: 1 ½” NPT