Civacon CIVASTAR Advanced Overfill Sensor Probe with Housing 5650U, Scully Connect Tank Truck OverFill Sensor.

Civacon CivaStar Overfill Sensor Probe with Housing.png


Civacon CivaStar Advanced Overfill Sensor Probe w/ Housing 

Probe with Housing
Probe Length:
 7" / 12" /  
2.00 LBS

CivaStar Sensor Probe 5650U.jpg

CivaStar Sensor Probes 5650U-(7"/12"/18")

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The Tank Overfill Sensor

The Scully ConnectTM Overfill Prevention System allows for quick, easy, tool-less and error-free installation of your overfill prevention system. It will save hours of installation time, prevent wiring mistakes, and allow for trouble-free connections.

The pre-wired sensor features quick connectors for simple sensor installation and replacement. The design also includes a lever that allows for tool-less sensor height adjustment without corrosion issues. The sensor, cap, and cable have been extensively laboratory and field tested- for two years- to withstand extreme environmental conditions.