Temperature Gauge

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Bitmetallic Temperature Gauge

Place of Origin : Shanghai, China.

Material : Body SS304, Sensor SS316

Dial : 100mm

Temp. Range : 0-50/0-100/0-150/0-200/0-300/degree C etc.

Sensor length : 50mm/100mm/150mm/ as your request.



Bimetal Type Temperature Gauge (Made in UK)

TT100 ( Tetrotemp 100 )

Product Specifications

  • Dial sizes 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm
  • Range -50 to 500 Deg C
  • Accuracy 1 % FSD
  • All stainless Steel
  • ATEX version available

The bimetal type temperature gauge series TT100, are made of two cold welded metal strips with different thermal expansion coefficient. They can be used in the following applications: chemical, petro chemical, gas and oil, food and pharmaceutical.