Company Profile

Our Business

MILU WORLD-WIDE  LTD. is engaged in PURCHASE, SUPPLIES and delivering professional and technical solutions.

Our Company

MILU WORLD-WIDE LTD. is a Hong Kong-based company founded by Mr. MAN who has 23-year management experience in a listed petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group, with his expertise in the storage and transportation of petrochemicals, the design, construction and installation of petroleum and petrochemical engineering projects, and the overhaul and maintenance of petroleum and petrochemical equipments.

Our Vision

We just get started on September 2011, but we are ready to create win-win values by collaborating with effective partners with experience and strengths, in some of our projects.  

With our experience, innovation and network in the industry, we are confident to lay a good corporate foundation and committed to strategic growth, extraordinary service and corporate social responsibility.



The " MILU WORLD-WIDE LTD " provide what the customer wants !


創辦於 2011年9月, 香港注冊。我們以良知企業為目標. 我們是一間綜合性的貿易公司, 專業採購,了解客戶的需求, 然後供應客戶所需要的產品和物料. 我們講信用, 保質量!

尊敬的客戶, 你們需要什麼?請聯絡我們!


主營: 專業採購; 代理; 物料供應; 批發和銷售.