REX Pipe Threading Machines NP50A, REX NP50AV, REX NR50AV, 日本REX車牙機 套絲機

REX Pipe Threading Machine NP50A / NR50A Series (Japan Made)


Model: NP50AV, NR50AV (Made In Japan)

REX NP50AV is a pipe threading machine with threading capacity from 1/2″ to 2″.


  • Small but powerful 700 W series motor.
  • Easy to use, high productivity, excellent portability 48kg.
  • Pipe size can be adjusted simply by turning the lever nut.
  • Thread length can be adjusted by just changing the lever contact (except manual Die Head)
  • Supports #300 die heads and dies. (NR50AV)

NP50AV Die Head NR50AV Die Head.png

Compatibility of DIE HEAD

NP50AV NR50AV.png

Compatibility Die Head Tables.

Special Features for Easy Maintenance.

Operation Manual _NP50A / NR50A Series

Model : REX CNS25A CN50A CN100A Brand from Japan, Made in China 日本品牌中國生產


REX CN50A.jpg

REX CN100A.jpg

REX Die & Die Head.jpg