Overfill Prevention Sensor CIVASTAR Advanced Overfill Sensor Probe 5650U-7 Scully Connect Tank Truck OverFill Sensor.

CivaStar Advanced Overfill Sensor IMG_0421.jpg The CivaStar Advanced Overfill Sensor is the future of overfill prevention technology. With its advanced design, construction and unique LED visual verification system, CivaStar accurately and reliably detects the presence of liquids and performs real-time diagnostics – a first for the  overfill sensor market. 
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The Tank Overfill Sensor

The Scully ConnectTM Overfill Prevention System allows for quick, easy, tool-less and error-free installation of your overfill prevention system. It will save hours of installation time, prevent wiring mistakes, and allow for trouble-free connections.

The pre-wired sensor features quick connectors for simple sensor installation and replacement. The design also includes a lever that allows for tool-less sensor height adjustment without corrosion issues. The sensor, cap, and cable have been extensively laboratory and field tested- for two years- to withstand extreme environmental conditions.