Oil Samplers, Dead bottom Samplers 底部採樣樽 採樣瓶

Dead Bottom Samplers

ASTM D4057, ISO 3170, Dead Bottom Sampler, Brass and Stainless Steel Oil Bacon Sampling Bomb, Multi-levels Samples in Tank, No-Spark obtain samples from in a tank.

       Dead bottom sampler, such as bacon bombs, Sampling Thief Bomb, normally have a projecting stem that opens the inlet valve as the stem strikes the bottom of the tank. 
       The sample enters the sampler through the bottom valve and air is released simultaneously through the top valve. The inlet valve automatically closes when the sampler is withdrawn. The sampler can also equipped with extension rods to obtain samples from those point in a tan

Material: Brass
Capacity: 500 ml; 1000 ml

Dead Bottom Sampler Img01.png

Dead Bottom Sampler Img02.png
Dead Bottom Sampler Img03.png

Dead Bottom Sampler Img04.png



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