CLA-VAL NGE90-01 & 690-1 Pressure Reducing Valve, 50-01 & 650-01 Pressure Relief Valve, 124-01 & 624-01 Float Valve

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90-01 & 690-01 Pressure Reducing Valve

Cla-Val Models 90-01 and 690-01 Pressure Reducing Valves automatically reduce higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure, regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. Each valve is an accurate, pilot-operated regulator capable of holding downstream pressure to a pre-determined limit. When downstream pressure exceeds the pressure setting of the control pilot, the main valve and pilot valve close drip-tight.

 Model 90-01 is the full port version, while Model 690-01 is the reduced port version of Cla-Val’s iconic Pressure Reducing Valve. 

Engineering Data sheet Model: 90-01,   Model: 690-01

Model: NGE90-01  ,90GE-01 & 90AE-01 (Previous Model: 690-01 , 90G-01 & 90A-01)

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50-01 & 650-01

Pressure Relief & Sustaining Valve

Cla-Val Models 50-01 and 650-01 Pressure Relief Valves are hydraulically operated, pilot-controlled, modulating valves designed to maintain constant upstream pressure within close limits. Model 50-01 is the full port version of the valve. Model 650-01 is the reduced port version of the valve. Both are ideal for pressure relief, pressure sustaining, back pressure, or unloading functions in a by-pass system.

Pressure Sustaining Service: When installed in a line between an upper zone and a lower area of heavy demand, the valve acts to maintain desired upstream pressure to prevent “robbing” of the upper zone. Water in excess of pressure setting is allowed to flow to an area of heavy demand, control is smooth, and pressure regulation is positive.

Pressure Relief Service: This fast opening, slow-closing relief valve provides system protection against high-pressure surges on pump start-up and pump shut down by dissipating the excess pressure to a safe location.

Engineering Data sheet Model: 50-01,  Model: 650-01

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124-01 & 624-01 Float Valve

Cla-Val 124-01 and 624-01 Float Valves are non-modulating valves that accurately control the liquid level in tanks. These valves are designed to open fully when the liquid level reaches a pre-set low point and close drip-tight when the level reaches a pre-set high point.

Level settings can be as much as eleven and one-half feet below the valve. The float mechanism may be located remotely from the main valve. See the technical data sheet on Model CF1-C1 Float Control for additional information.

Engineering Data sheet Model: 124-01,  Model: 624-01

CLA-VAL CF1-C1 IMG_7270.jpg  


Float Control for Open Tanks

The Cla-Val Model CF1-C1 Float Control is a float-actuated, multi-port pilot control which provides non-modulating, two-position, on-off operation. It is used primarily to operate remotely located Cla-Val valves requiring a three-way or four-way pilot valve operation. Designed for use in open tanks, this control operates on a minimum level change of approximately one inch. The maximum level of change is nineteen inches. This level adjustment can be located up to 11 1⁄2 feet from the control by adding float rod extensions.

Engineering Data sheet Model: CF1-C1