Flange Insulation Kits, 法蘭絕緣墊片

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Flange Insulation Kit_Type E, for FF Flange Flange Insulation Kit_Type F, for RF/FF Flange

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Flange Insulation Kit_Type E, FF

Insulation Sleeves & Washers, Washers


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Type “E” Gaskets

Outside diameter of this type gaskets extend up to the external diameter of the flange. This gasket consists of bolt holes, this helps to automatically align and center the gaskets and gives optimum protection against foreign particles which can short out the flange.

Type “F” Gaskets

This type of gasket fits within the bolt circle of the flange. External diameter of the gasket extend up to the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle. 

Type “D” Gaskets

This type of gasket is RTJ style however Gasket’s “corrosion control system HP” gaskets are best alternative to the RTJ style gaskets.

Flat Face Flange (FF).png Raised Face Flange (RF).png RTJ Flange.png
Flat Face Flange (FF) Raised Face Flange (RF) Ring Type Joint Flange (RTJ)