Non-Asbestos Gaskets 非石棉墊片

Non-Asbestos Gasket, 非石棉墊片 ;  Gasket sheets ; Gasket Cutting Machine .

Ring Type Gasket.PNG Full Face Gasket.PNG Gasket 1.PNG
 Ring Type Gaskets  Full Face Gasket  RF and FF gaskets
Non-Asbestos Rubber Gasket.PNG Non-Asbestos Rubber Sheet.PNG
   Non-Asbestos Rubber Gasket Sheets. 0.5mm; 1mm & 2mm; 1270*1270mm
The M-3 Gasket Cutting Machine.PNG

The M3 Gasket Cutting Machine
Quality made in the USA • All parts are replaceable
Rugged, durable cast iron and steel construction
Vise or bench mount • Cuts to 22" OD, to 62" OD with accessory bar.

Used for Non-Metallic Cutting -

To operate: Punch a 11 / 32" hole (#11 punch) in the packing to be cut. Mount packing on spindle. Set the calibrated center bar to the radius desired, pull down the lever to lower the top cutting wheel and with a turn of the crank you have a "Perfect Gasket."

ASNI  B16.5 RF Flanges 1.PNG

ASNI B16.5 Series A RF Flanges.PNG

ASNI B16.5 FF 150 Lbs Flanges.PNG