ATEX Explosion Proof Fan, Explosion Proof Electric Ventilation 防爆風機, Pneumatic Ventilation Fan

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BTF-20 / 25 / 30  (Atex Cert.) BTF-40 / 45 / 50 (Atex Cert.) BTF-60 / 70 /80 (Atex Cert.)

Catalog BTF Series Atex Explosion Proof Ventilation Fans


Product details

1) Energy saving.
2) Strong wind power .
3) Easy to move .
4) Make low noise and light weight due to die-casting aluminum alloy. 
5) With good capacity, the reasonable structure and the strong suction. 
1) It's special manufactured for underground  cable maintaince, shipping making.
2) Blowing bad gas when welding shipbuilding, canning, bridge. 

3) Exhaust for fire fighting, piping construction and in other violent working situation for ventilation.

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Ex Electric Ventilation Fan IMG_0546 2.JPG Ex Electric Ventilation Fan NamePlate.png


The Air driven ventilators be utilized without the hose in the dangerous places like holds 
and tanks for cooling and ventilating gas and fumes. 

IMPA Model Case Dia Capacity W.P. Air Inlet PT Air Consumption
591425 PF-30 300mm(12") 4500m3/h 5-7bar 1/4" 2.2m3/min
591426 PF-40 400mm(16") 8000m3/h 5-7bar 1/4" 2.2m3/min
591427 PF-50 500mm(20") 9000m3/h 5-7bar 1/4" 2.2m3/min

Pneumatic Ventilation Fan IMG_1794.JPG

The Pneumatiic Ventilation Fan

The Air Driven Ventilation Fan

Ventilation PVC Tube IMG_1795.PNG

Flexible ventilation tubes made of PVC tarpaulin.

IMPA Code Tube Dia. Length
 591481 200mm 5m
591482 10m
591483 300mm 5m
591484 10m
591485 400mm 5m
591486 10m
591487 500mm 5m
591488 10m
591489 600mm 5m
591490 10m