Hose Saddles, Hosebun, 喉鞍


Hose Saddles (喉鞍) - Made in Canada

1)  HB 300H    For hose ID=3'         2)  HB 400H    For hose ID=4”        3) HB 600H    For hose ID=6”

4)  HB 800H    For hose ID=8”        5)   HB 1000H.  For hose ID=10”      6)   HB 1200H For hose ID=12”

The hose should be suspended avoiding sharp bends and protrusions when in a hang-off position.


There are alternative systems available such as portable saddles which support the arc of a hose when in storage. The structure from which the hose is to be suspended must besurveyed by a competent person to ensure the hang-off point is of sound structure.