Caltex Aquatex 3180

General Purpose Soluble Oil 鏈條油

Aquatex 3180 (18L) view.png

Aquatex 3180 (200L) view.png

Caltex Aquatex 3180 view.jpg

Caltex Aquatex 3180 view.jpg

Aquatex 3180 (18L/pail) View Data Sheet Aquatex 3180 (208L/drum), MSDS


Can include

l   Light machining such as drilling, planning, milling, sawing and turning operations on a variety of carbon and alloy steels ranging from soft to medium hardness, particularly where carbide tip tooling is being used.

l   Recommended for grinding operations where very clean emulsions are typically required to permit rapid settling of fines.

Notes: water=containing metalworking fluids such as soluble oil emulsions should never be used for machining operations on magnesium or magnesium-containing alloys as a fire or explosion hazard may exist. The recommended product for machining these metals is ALMAG OIL.

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